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about us

Greenhouse Gives is a nonprofit organization established in 2022 as a 501(c)(3). This organization is based in Tempe, Arizona and has a mission to provide compassionate action and community outreach to build awareness of our interconnectedness and foster personal and collective growth.

Greenhouse Gives forms partnerships with local community organizations, gardens, and nonprofits in order to host community events and therapeutic activities that create safe spaces for diverse people to come together and contribute to the betterment of society.

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Our mission at Greenhouse Gives is to provide compassionate action and community outreach to build awareness of our interconnectedness and foster personal and collective growth.

Our Mission


Event series


Real Talk is a community discussion series event that provides the opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level by having real conversations about meaningful topics in a casual, inclusive, and open-minded setting that welcomes differing perspectives.

Future discussion topics include:

  • Finding Truth

  • Living Forever

  • Overcoming Prejudice

  • and many more!

Next Event March 2024


Expansion is a community outreach and advocacy event that brings awareness to different cultures and communities by bringing together a panel of people from the community to share their personal stories and experiences in a safe, inclusive space.

Upcoming featured communities include:


  • Unhoused

  • People with disabilities

  • and more!

Next Event TBD


Click on the flyers to see our Events Gallery and learn more about our past events.

Hi! I'm Kinsley the "Safe Sloth" and the Greenhouse Gives mascot! I attend all events and help people to feel safe while sharing in group discussions. I advocate for kindness and love for all. I'm nonbinary, gender fluid, and open to any and all pronouns - advocating for all genders identities.


Check out the recap from our most recent event below!

Real Talk:
Light in the Dark

During our group discussion, we explored the profound interplay of darkness and light, unraveling the beauty of both in our lives. We redefined darkness as not the enemy but an opportunity for introspection, rest, and a deeper understanding of our emotions and passions. Darkness became a necessary catalyst, urging us to seek the light within ourselves and others.

Acknowledging that light begets light, we explored the transformative power of sharing our inner radiance to create a brighter, more loving and compassionate world. We recognized that while external support is invaluable, our true strength lies in nurturing and strengthening our inner light which emanates from self-love, self-awareness, and authenticity. We discussed the challenges of embracing our inner light and the importance of staying true to ourselves even when the world doesn’t understand us or tries to put out our light. We acknowledged how light can feel foreign and scary for some individuals who have primarily experienced darkness in life. Embracing light demands bravery, determination, strength, trust, and openness.

Together, we explored ways to share our light through kindness, compassion, understanding, and support. Recognizing that a single spark can ignite a ripple effect, we concluded that by collectively illuminating the world, we become agents of positive change. Let's continue this luminous journey, for within each of us lies the power to create a brighter and more inspiring world.

STAY TUNED for our next event!

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Help us provide compassionate action and create safe spaces for people to connect.

Your online donation will benefit the work of Greenhouse Gives 501(c)(3) nonprofit and is tax deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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