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about us

Greenhouse Gives is a nonprofit organization established in 2022 as a 501(c)(3). This organization is based in Tempe, Arizona and has a mission to provide compassionate action and community outreach to build awareness of our interconnectedness and foster personal and collective growth.

Greenhouse Gives is forming partnerships with local community organizations, gardens, and nonprofits in order to host community events and therapeutic activities that create safe spaces for diverse people to come together and contribute to the betterment of society.

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Our mission at Greenhouse Gives is to provide compassionate action and community outreach to build awareness of our interconnectedness and foster personal and collective growth.

Our Mission


Event series


Real Talk is a community discussion series event that provides the opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level by having real conversations about meaningful topics in a casual, inclusive, and open-minded setting that welcomes differing perspectives.

Future discussion topics include:

  • Finding Truth

  • Living Forever

  • Overcoming Prejudice

  • and many more!

Next Event TBD


Expansion is a community outreach and advocacy event that brings awareness to different cultures and communities by bringing together a panel of people from the community to share their personal stories and experiences in a safe, inclusive space.

Upcoming featured communities include:


  • Unhoused

  • People with disabilities

  • and more!

Next Event TBD


Click on the flyers to see our events gallery and learn more about our past events.

Hi! I'm Kinsley the "Safe Sloth" and the Greenhouse Gives mascot! I attend all events and help people to feel safe while sharing in group discussions. I advocate for kindness and love for all. I'm nonbinary, gender fluid, and open to any and all pronouns - advocating for all genders identities.


Check out the photos and feedback from our most recent event below!

REal Talk: Living Artfully
September 2nd, 2023

Discussion Summary

Our group discussed what makes something "art" and how maybe everything is art. We discussed how art may be a combination of perception, intention and creativity. Maybe art becomes "art" when we can connect with it by seeing something of ourselves in the art. Almost like a mirror reflecting back at us. Maybe art is within our human nature and design. We are emotional and cognitive beings designed to make, do, and express. Maybe everything we make is an intentional creation and therefore a form of art. From our homes, to our clothes, to paintings and music.. Art is everywhere. Art shapes our community and the world. Art may have been something innate in our human existence, and we then capitalized it by creating art to be sold. Art has the power to manipulate minds and emotions through, for example, marketing and advertising. How is this sort of power being used by those with money and influence? Yet, we also discussed how art can have extremely positive influences and be used as a therapeutic tool to address mental health challenges. We discussed how art can be a tool for practicing mindfulness, relaxation, acceptance, and focus. Everyone contributed to the discussion by sharing aspects of their experience with art and their perception of art. We agreed that art is difficult to define with words, but can be more easily felt with our heart.


Food for Thought:

How do you determine what is considered art? What would life be like if you perceived everything as art? How has art impacted your choices in life (your style, your home decor, your self-expression, your purchases, etc.)? How can you incorporate more healing art into your life? What types of art do you find soothing and healing? How can you live artfully

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