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In today's world where divisiveness often headlines the news, Greenhouse Gives, 501(c)(3) advocates for unity in diversity and the fundamental truth that we are #BetterTogether.


Greenhouse Gives was founded by Christina Kafalas, a visionary therapist who, from a young age, navigated the challenges of being biracial and disabled. Motivated by her personal experiences of feeling disconnected while managing growing societal divisions, she established Greenhouse Gives in 2022 to promote unity, compassion, and interconnectedness in Tempe, Arizona. Drawing inspiration from the nurturing environment of a greenhouse, she aimed to create safe spaces where diverse community members could come together and grow.

Our mission at Greenhouse Gives is to provide compassionate action and community outreach to build awareness of our interconnectedness and foster personal and collective growth. We form partnerships with local community organizations, businesses, and nonprofits to host community events and therapeutic activities that create safe spaces for diverse people to come together and join a movement towards a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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Our mission at Greenhouse Gives is to provide compassionate action and community outreach to build awareness of our interconnectedness and foster personal and collective growth.

Our Pillars

Hi! I'm Kinsley the "Safe Sloth" and the Greenhouse Gives mascot! I attend all events and help people to feel safe while sharing in group discussions. I advocate for kindness and love for all. I'm nonbinary, gender fluid, and open to any and all pronouns - advocating for all genders identities.


Program Offerings

Real Talk Logo.png

Real Talk is a community discussion event series that provides the opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level by having real conversations about meaningful topics in a casual, inclusive, and open-minded setting that welcomes differing perspectives.

Future discussion topics include:

  • Finding Truth

  • Living Forever

  • Overcoming Prejudice

  • and many more!

Next Event July 2024

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Public Displays of Kindness are designed to spread positivity, create meaningful connections, and engage individuals who might not typically attend our events or workshops. These activities, designed to uplift spirits and promote positive interactions, will be offered for free at various community events, festivals, malls, and public spaces.

Example activities may include:

  • Offering free hugs to the community

  • Making kindness cards to share with others

  • Creating a communal poster board with positive messages

  • and much more!

Next Event TBD

Expansion Logo.png

Expansion is a community outreach and advocacy event that brings awareness to different cultures and communities by bringing together a panel of people from the community to share their personal stories and experiences in a safe, inclusive space.

Upcoming featured communities include:


  • Unhoused

  • People with disabilities

  • and more!

Next Event TBD

Better Together Initiative Logo.png

The Better Together Initiative is a series of transformative and educational workshops designed to help individuals cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves, foster empathy, and promote greater interconnectedness within the community. These workshops will be provided to schools, organizations and businesses to provide participants with the tools, skills, and insights they need to enhance their well-being and become more compassionate, aware, and socially engaged citizens.

The Better Together Initiative workshops are still pending and will be coming soon.


Upcoming Events


Redefining Leadership


Saturday, July 20th, 2024 from 2pm-4pm



Westside MultiGenerational Center

715 W 5th St,

Tempe, AZ 85281



What does it mean to be a leader? Can anyone be a leader? What distinguishes a strong leader from a weak one? At Real Talk: Redefining Leadership, we invite you to join us for a deep discussion on the essence of leadership, exploring the concept that everyone has the potential to be a leader in their own way.

Click Link Below to Learn More and Register!

RT Green Redefining Leadership.png


Click on the flyers below to see our Events Gallery, learn more about our past events, watch video recaps, and read about the impact the event had on participants.

Most recent EVENT recap

Better Together March
May 18th, 2024

Better Together March Flyer (1).png

Discussion Summary:

The Better Together March at Tempe Beach Park was a testament to the power of unity in today's often divided world. Every step we took was a step against prejudice, a step towards stronger community bonds. It was truly inspiring to see such a diverse group of people come together, embracing the ideals of community and cooperation under the gentle hues of a setting sun. Our event highlighted the beauty of diversity, with attendees sharing laughter, stories, and creating connections that transcended their differences.

The event featured poster-making that expressed our call for unity, a calming meditation, and a relaxing gathering with games and delicious pizza graciously donated by 414 Pub Pizza. Join our movement as we continue to walk the path of unity, fostering a world where everyone feels valued, seen, and connected. This GHG event was a living testimony to how we are indeed #BetterTogether.

Food for Thought:

How can each of us actively contribute to building a more inclusive community in our everyday actions? In what ways does embracing diversity enrich our personal and professional lives? What steps can we take to transform moments of unity from special events into sustained daily practice?

STAY TUNED for our next event!

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